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Time and Place?

My photography is all about time and place – pure photography.

Now, here are two photographs I did in the same place, but with 22 years between them. Both are taken at the main beach, La Concha, in Donostia (San Sebastian) in Spain. Both show the same (not really the same) beach rescue tower.
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This picture was taken in July 1988 on this years long, solo motorcycle road trip. I guess it was shot on Fujichrome with a 24mm lens on a Minolta Dynax body.

Donostia, Euzkadi @ 2010.07.13 18:29

This picture is from this summer, 2010. Also on a long, solo roadtrip, but this time in a Roadster. No Fujichrome, of course, this is digital. Shot with a 9-18mm lens on an Olympus EP-1.

Did the place change? Did the people change? Or did the photographer change?

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