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4K photography on the web? posted 2017.03.24 - modified 2018.10.13

Studio for Galerie Perspective @ 1987

This is important if you want to show quality photography with some sharpness on the web, now and in the future. Note: You will not be able to view what this is really about if you do not have a high-res or Retina screen. If you are the owner of a new high-res display, Apple […]

Manipulated photography? posted 2016.06.18 - modified 2018.01.10

My proposal on how to mark manipulated photography Does it really matter? Is photography meant to be true? UPDATE JUNE 2016: The discussion on Steve McCurrys confirmed photo manipulation makes this issue still more important. I now, more than ever, believe that my proposal on this is a good way to start. All manipulated photography on […]

The Olympus EM5: Finally, a perfect camera? posted 2012.05.31 - modified 2018.06.01

The perfect camera?

Not quite, but we are closing in.. This is an open letter to the Olympus design team: I have used every analog film format. 110, 35mm, 120, 4X5.  Sinar, Hasselblad and Mamiya for work. Minolta for pleasure. With digital – it has all been Olympus. With the superior optics and handling the four-thirds system and […]

Pure, real photography? posted 2010.11.13 - modified 2018.01.10

Pure  photography? Does the camera decide what is real? This web is labelled with “pure photography”. But is it true? Does the concept mean anything at all? In what seems a very long time ago, when I started out as what I thought was a “pure photographer”, I refused to remove or add anything to […]

Time and Place? posted 2010.10.28 - modified 2018.10.13

Playa la Concha, Bilbao @ 1988.07

My photography is all about time and place – pure photography. Now, here are two photographs I did in the same place, but with 22 years between them. Both are taken at the main beach, La Concha, in Donostia (San Sebastian) in Spain. Both show the same (not really the same) beach rescue tower. Click […]

To HDR or not to HDR? posted 2010.10.24 - modified 2018.10.13

Color Viking, Skagerak @ 2009.08.07 21:07

The latest, greatest fad in photography right now seems to be HDR. Still another three-letter acronym, this time it says High-Dynamic-Range (of course, we all know that). HDR has been around for a long time, a very long analog time. It arrived because analog film (and papers) never was able to cath the full dynamic […]

To children or not to children? posted 2010.10.13 - modified 2018.10.13

Praia de Luz, Algarve @ 2010.07.02 20:53

This is one of the pictures I shot during a fantastic sunset at Praia de Luz in Algarve on the southern coast of Portugal this summer. There were families eating together at the beach restaurants , there were children playing on the beach. Nothing special about this. I did a lot of pictures with my […]